History of Lisbon Fish and Flavours

Lisbon Fish and Flavours, organised by the Associação Turismo de Lisboa (“Tourism Association of Lisbon”), is a well-established and iconic event of the city of Lisbon, bringing together in one space some of the most innovative and well-known chefs on the national and international stage, as well as the best restaurants, which participate with fish-based culinary offerings.
The idea came about at the hands of the Associação de Turismo de Lisboa, when it decided to support gastronomy. In this regard, it decided to create a festival that would stand out from all others organised in Portugal and abroad. As the theme, one of the country’s best quality and iconic products were selected: fish and seafood
It started in 2008, in a former parking lot in the Terreiro do Paço itself, leading to the restoration and transformation of the Pátio da Galé. During this restoration, it moved to the Portugal Pavilion, returning in 2011 to the Pátio da Galé, where it remained until 2016.
The event’s format has stayed the same since its first edition. Different chefs and restaurants from the Lisbon region are invited to participate, so they can offer a taste of their cuisine during the event. There is an auditorium with a kitchen on the stage, where Portuguese and foreign chefs perform, and where debates and other activities relating to gastronomy are organised. More than 100 Portuguese and international chefs have attended the event, such as: Bertílio Gomes, Henrique Sá Pessoa, Miguel Laffan, José Avillez, Adrien Trouilloud (France), Claude Troisgros (Brazil), David Pasternak (USA), Diego Gallegos (Spain).
In the same event space, there is also a market area, with the exhibition and sale of food products, wines, beverages, cooking equipment and so on.